Kaleidoscope Giancarlo Esposito and Tati Gabrielle social featured

Who got away with the robbery?– News 001

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the Netflix series, Kaleidoscope. First of all, yes, Hannah…

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Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Black Adam’s Family History Tragedy– News 001

Isis/Adrianna Tomaz Before Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman hit television screens, The Secrets of Isis was the…

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1899 season 2 would have been a completely different show– News 001

Editor’s Note: The following contains major spoilers for 1899 Season 1.The news of 1899The cancellation of…

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 comics |  ScreenRant

comics | ScreenRant– News 001

One Piece Finally Shows Shanks’ Only Weakness In the same chapter, One Piece first shows its…

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 Thomas Bac |  ScreenRant

Thomas Bac | ScreenRant– News 001

Why The Mandalorian Was Right To Ignore This Horrific (But Easy) Anakin Skywalker Theory A popular…

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Vanellope and the Disney Princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet

10 Disney Princesses Sorted Into Their Hogwarts House– News 001

The enchanting fictional world of a story is so appealing that sometimes we can’t help but…

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X-Men Kitty Pryde

X-Men’s Kate Pryde Has A Forgotten Secret Power– News 001

THE x-menIt is Kate Pride has a forgotten superpower, an ability to travel between dimensions. Kitty…

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Robocop - 1987

The 10 Funniest Movies That Aren’t Considered Comedies, According to Letterboxd– News 001

It’s rare to get a movie that’s totally devoid of humor for its entire run. Many…

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Characters from Fargo, Blade Runner, and Chinatown

10 Best Neo-Black Movies Of All Time, According To Reddit– News 001

In 1958, Orson Welles‘ touch evil hit theaters. It was dark, violent, deeply subversive, and ultimately…

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Star Wars Has Turned A Shocking Character Into The Ultimate Sith Hunter Featured

Star Wars Has Turned A Shocking Character Into The Ultimate Sith Hunter– News 001

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #27 In the latest issue of…

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Everything we know so far– News 001

After Prime Video’s victorious release Reach In February of this year, fans of the show were…

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 Austin Neley |  ScreenRant

Austin Neley | ScreenRant– News 001

Star Wars Hides a Major Twist in a Jedi’s Name The Mother of the Open Hand…

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Russell Crowe and Christian Bale in '3:10 to Yuma'

10 Greatest Westerns of All Time, Ranked– News 001

The western genre has been a staple of cinema since the 1930s. Giving American audiences a…

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My Super Hero Is Black

Even Marvel’s Super Powered BIPOC Heroes Have Trouble Trusting The Police– News 001

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur (2022) #1Although she is one of the…

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 Arezou Amin |  Collider

Arezou Amin | Collider– News 001

About Arezou Amin Arezou Amin is editor of Collider. She is also the editor of The…

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Alien: all different types of Xenomorphs together.

Alien Species’ Real Name Revealed (And It’s Not A Xenomorph)– News 001

While the iconic creatures of Extraterrestrial franchise became known as Xenomorphsit’s not really their species name,…

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 Maggie Boccella |  Collider

Maggie Boccella | Collider– News 001

About Maggie Boccella Maggie Boccella is a certified Babe with the Power and a lover of…

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Origin and Powers of Marvel’s Superpowered Tarzan– News 001

The Marvel Universe is home to many hidden lands and cultures, but one of the most…

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NCIS Crossover Event Clip Teases Embarrassing Tension Among Agents– News 001

CBS is gearing up for its big NCIS-Upcoming Worm Crossing Event. This one-of-a-kind event will bring…

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Nightwing Races to stop Mr. Mxyzptlk from fighting Trigon.

Nightwing Shows Even Comic Characters Know Death Is Meaningless– News 001

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Batman #131It’s pretty much a given in the comics that whenever a…

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at midnight monica barbaro diego boneta social

Sparks fly for Monica Barbaro and Diego Boneta– News 001

Picture via Paramount+ Today we received some exciting news on future titles thanks to the presentation…

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 Ben Sockol |  ScreenRant

Ben Sockol | ScreenRant– News 001

Jujutsu Kaisen Just Proved A Huge Bow Was Filler After All Many fans have criticized Jujutsu…

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 shrishty |  Collider

shrishty | Collider– News 001

‘Accused’ renewed for season 2 at Fox The series, which starred Michael Chiklis, Aisha Dee, Jason…

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Denji's many love interests in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Confirms Denji’s Best Love Interest Isn’t Makima Or Power– News 001

Warning! Spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 116!Worthy has had several potential love interests throughout Chainsaw Man,…

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Rutina Wesley in Queen Sugar

Last of Us Image: Rutina Wesley’s Role Revealed– News 001

Probably the hardest part of adapting a hugely popular video game into a series is keeping…

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 Alex Schlesinger |  ScreenRant

Alex Schlesinger | ScreenRant– News 001

Marvel’s Most Iconic Gay Heroes Party In New Pride Cover The cover of this year’s Marvel…

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they both die at the end social

They Both Die At The End Series Adaptation Coming To Netflix– News 001

Tudum! Netflix has emerged victorious in a hard-fought contest between its arch-rivals for the development rights…

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Beast Feral X-Force Cover

X-Men’s Beast Still Faces No Justice For Their Diabolical Plans– News 001

Warning: Contains spoilers for X-Force #36At the end of the last issue of X Force the…

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The Last Wish global box office surpasses $200 million– News 001

DreamWorks continues to make money with Puss in Boots: The Last Wish as the new year…

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Poison Ivy DC Comics Cover Art - Josh Middleton

Poison Ivy DC Art Shows the Incredible Beauty of Pamela Isley– News 001

Spoilers for Poison Ivy #10 by DC Comics In a gorgeous new cover by Joshua Middleton,…

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 Caleb Fesmire |  Collider

Caleb Fesmire | Collider– News 001

About Caleb Fesmire Caleb Fesmire is a writer for Collider. He enjoys long walks, story-driven video…

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 Bryce Morris |  ScreenRant

Bryce Morris | ScreenRant– News 001

Juggernaut’s Unstoppable Powers Have Only One Major Weakness The Juggernaut may be unstoppable, but the X-Men’s…

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The poster for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2

The Bad Batch would have worked better as an anthology show– News 001

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is back for its second season, filled with gorgeous animation, callbacks…

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 Steven Blackburn |  ScreenRant

Steven Blackburn | ScreenRant– News 001

Don’t Play With Me, Miss Nagatoro’s 10 Cutest Moments A ranked list of the cutest scenes…

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fatal attraction lizzy caplan

Fatal Attraction Series gets a release date on Paramount+– News 001

As today’s presentation from the Paramount + Television Critics Association made clear, the next three months…

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Boruto chose the worst time to accept that he is like Naruto

Boruto chose the worst time to accept that he is like Naruto– News 001

This might shock any long-time reader who Boruto would actually kiss his dad narutobut it has…

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Mike Colter as Luke Cage in Luke Cage

Mike Colter on whether he would join the MCU– News 001

Reprising His Role As Marvel’s Luke Cage Isn’t Something mike colter holds his breath, but if…

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DC Comics' Flash running at superspeed, surrounded by lightning generated by the Speed Force.

DC Hints The Flash Has Their Own Version Of Spider Sense– News 001

Warning: SPOILERS for Lightning #790With a new threat looming, it seems the Flash and his fellow…

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 Shane Romanchick |  Collider

Shane Romanchick | Collider– News 001

About Shane Romanchick Shane Romanchick is a television and film news writer for Collider. He also…

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Batman as he is in the comics.

Funko launches a limited edition Batman Pop for the 25th anniversary– News 001

Over the past decade, few pop culture companies have been as famous as Funko. The toy…

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Luke, Leia, Lando, and Chewbacca stand surrounded by stormtroopers on a Cloud City platform

Luke Skywalker Admits He Secretly Hates an Iconic Star Wars Location– News 001

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars #30THE star wars The universe contains a number of disparate planetary…

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 Emilie Bernard |  Collider

Emilie Bernard | Collider– News 001

About Emilie Bernard Emily Bernard is an NJ-based writer for Collider. Tig Notaro and Cheryl Hines…

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 Adrian Quidilla |  ScreenRant

Adrian Quidilla | ScreenRant– News 001

Star Wars Reenacts Dooku’s Downfall With a New Dark “Apprentice” Count Dooku has had many Jedi…

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Steve Zahn as George Richey in Showtime's George & Tammy

George and Tammy allow Steve Zahn to show his dark side– News 001

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for George & Tammy.]Actor Steve Zahn that works. Regardless of…

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Storm X-Men Red

Storm’s Defeat Of An Iconic Villain Shows Why She’s The X-Men’s Best Leader– News 001

Spoiler for Red X-Men #10 (2022)! Storm was the x-men‘s leader for years, and for many…

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 Allison Havermale |  Collider

Allison Havermale | Collider– News 001

About Allison Havermale Allison Havermale is a television and film news writer for Collider. She graduated…

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 Marcel Green |  ScreenRant

Marcel Green | ScreenRant– News 001

Star Wars Officially Brings Back Jaxxon – His Green Rabbit Smuggler After years on the fringes…

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Angela Bundalovic as Miu in Copenhagen Cowboy

Nicolas Winding Refn shares the inspiration behind Netflix’s Copenhagen Cowboy– News 001

Following the release of Copenhagen Cowboy January 5, director Nicolas Winding Refn opened up about making…

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