Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Black Adam’s Family History Tragedy– News 001

Isis/Adrianna Tomaz Before Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman hit television screens, The Secrets of Isis was the…

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 comics |  ScreenRant

comics | ScreenRant– News 001

One Piece Finally Shows Shanks’ Only Weakness In the same chapter, One Piece first shows its…

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 Thomas Bac |  ScreenRant

Thomas Bac | ScreenRant– News 001

Why The Mandalorian Was Right To Ignore This Horrific (But Easy) Anakin Skywalker Theory A popular…

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X-Men Kitty Pryde

X-Men’s Kate Pryde Has A Forgotten Secret Power– News 001

THE x-menIt is Kate Pride has a forgotten superpower, an ability to travel between dimensions. Kitty…

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Star Wars Has Turned A Shocking Character Into The Ultimate Sith Hunter Featured

Star Wars Has Turned A Shocking Character Into The Ultimate Sith Hunter– News 001

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #27 In the latest issue of…

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 Austin Neley |  ScreenRant

Austin Neley | ScreenRant– News 001

Star Wars Hides a Major Twist in a Jedi’s Name The Mother of the Open Hand…

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My Super Hero Is Black

Even Marvel’s Super Powered BIPOC Heroes Have Trouble Trusting The Police– News 001

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur (2022) #1Although she is one of the…

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Alien: all different types of Xenomorphs together.

Alien Species’ Real Name Revealed (And It’s Not A Xenomorph)– News 001

While the iconic creatures of Extraterrestrial franchise became known as Xenomorphsit’s not really their species name,…

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Origin and Powers of Marvel’s Superpowered Tarzan– News 001

The Marvel Universe is home to many hidden lands and cultures, but one of the most…

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Nightwing Races to stop Mr. Mxyzptlk from fighting Trigon.

Nightwing Shows Even Comic Characters Know Death Is Meaningless– News 001

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Batman #131It’s pretty much a given in the comics that whenever a…

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 Ben Sockol |  ScreenRant

Ben Sockol | ScreenRant– News 001

Jujutsu Kaisen Just Proved A Huge Bow Was Filler After All Many fans have criticized Jujutsu…

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Denji's many love interests in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Confirms Denji’s Best Love Interest Isn’t Makima Or Power– News 001

Warning! Spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 116!Worthy has had several potential love interests throughout Chainsaw Man,…

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 Alex Schlesinger |  ScreenRant

Alex Schlesinger | ScreenRant– News 001

Marvel’s Most Iconic Gay Heroes Party In New Pride Cover The cover of this year’s Marvel…

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Beast Feral X-Force Cover

X-Men’s Beast Still Faces No Justice For Their Diabolical Plans– News 001

Warning: Contains spoilers for X-Force #36At the end of the last issue of X Force the…

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Poison Ivy DC Comics Cover Art - Josh Middleton

Poison Ivy DC Art Shows the Incredible Beauty of Pamela Isley– News 001

Spoilers for Poison Ivy #10 by DC Comics In a gorgeous new cover by Joshua Middleton,…

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 Bryce Morris |  ScreenRant

Bryce Morris | ScreenRant– News 001

Juggernaut’s Unstoppable Powers Have Only One Major Weakness The Juggernaut may be unstoppable, but the X-Men’s…

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 Steven Blackburn |  ScreenRant

Steven Blackburn | ScreenRant– News 001

Don’t Play With Me, Miss Nagatoro’s 10 Cutest Moments A ranked list of the cutest scenes…

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Boruto chose the worst time to accept that he is like Naruto

Boruto chose the worst time to accept that he is like Naruto– News 001

This might shock any long-time reader who Boruto would actually kiss his dad narutobut it has…

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DC Comics' Flash running at superspeed, surrounded by lightning generated by the Speed Force.

DC Hints The Flash Has Their Own Version Of Spider Sense– News 001

Warning: SPOILERS for Lightning #790With a new threat looming, it seems the Flash and his fellow…

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Luke, Leia, Lando, and Chewbacca stand surrounded by stormtroopers on a Cloud City platform

Luke Skywalker Admits He Secretly Hates an Iconic Star Wars Location– News 001

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars #30THE star wars The universe contains a number of disparate planetary…

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 Adrian Quidilla |  ScreenRant

Adrian Quidilla | ScreenRant– News 001

Star Wars Reenacts Dooku’s Downfall With a New Dark “Apprentice” Count Dooku has had many Jedi…

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Storm X-Men Red

Storm’s Defeat Of An Iconic Villain Shows Why She’s The X-Men’s Best Leader– News 001

Spoiler for Red X-Men #10 (2022)! Storm was the x-men‘s leader for years, and for many…

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 Marcel Green |  ScreenRant

Marcel Green | ScreenRant– News 001

Star Wars Officially Brings Back Jaxxon – His Green Rabbit Smuggler After years on the fringes…

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Kenjaku and Tengen

Jujutsu Kaisen Confirms A Wizard Is Much Weaker Than Fans Think– News 001

As an ancestor and teacher of contemporary jujutsu magic, Master LAW is widely regarded as one…

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 Liam McGuire |  ScreenRant

Liam McGuire | ScreenRant– News 001

TMNT explains why the last Ronin had to be Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last…

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Batman vs The Red Mask - New DC Villain

DC Introduces New Batman Villain, The Red Mask– News 001

Spoilers for Batman #131 by DC ComicsA new Batman the villain has arrived in the DC…

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Aquamen Golden Age Arthur Curry DC Comics

DC’s OTHER Aquaman Just Became Justice League’s Biggest Mystery– News 001

The emergence of another Aquaman could cause a Justice League mystery that has yet to be…

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 Frank Martin |  ScreenRant

Frank Martin | ScreenRant– News 001

Ancient Jedi History Redefines the Meaning of Darth Vader’s Fortress Before there were Jedi and Sith,…

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does spider-man need his love interests? MJ zendaya gwen Stacy emma stone andrew garfield tom holland

Spider-Man’s Newest Love Interest Is His Worst Yet– News 001

Warning: SPOILERS for Deadly Quarter Spider-Man #3Of all the heroes in the Marvel Universe, Spider Man…

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 Spencer Connolly |  ScreenRant

Spencer Connolly | ScreenRant– News 001

A ’90s TMNT Villain Is Far Deadlier Than Fans Know Almost every TMNT villain has become…

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Vegeta knows Goku is better.

Even Vegeta knows the real reason why he will never be better than Goku– News 001

Ever since they first met, debate has raged within the dragonball fandom on which is the…

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 Justin Epps |  ScreenRant

Justin Epps | ScreenRant– News 001

The 10 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done In The DC Universe The Joker has…

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Flash and the Rogues DC Comics

Flash still hasn’t identified his true enemy (after 45 years)– News 001

After all this time, it seems that the Flash still hasn’t figured out who his real…

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Batman joker harley quinn riddler catwoman penguin rogues gallery

The Batman Villains Are Skeptical About His Death– News 001

The following article contains spoilers from Batman #131, on sale now at DC Comics. With Batman…

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All Against All #2 cover (1)

Image Comics’ All Against All #2– News 001

All against all #2 Writer: Alex Paknadel Artist: Caspar Vineyard Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Cover artist: Caspar…

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Cursed Princess Club Cover Review

Cursed Princess Club Volume One by WEBTOON Unscrolled– News 001

Cursed Princess Club Volume 1 Writer: LambCat Artist: LambCat, Shei Magallanes, CatburgerHelper, ShiHwi, Kyorin, Alex Scott…

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Nightcrawler just reconnected with his mother

Nightcrawler just reconnected with his mother– News 001

Fan-favorite X-Man Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler reunites with his adoptive mother in official preview for Legion of X…

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 Noah Dominguez |  RBC

Noah Dominguez | RBC– News 001

About Noé Dominguez Noah E. Dominguez is an editor at Comic Book Resources who joined the…

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Moon Knight 19

A Major Moon Knight Villain Explains Why Doctor Doom Is Less Than Carnage– News 001

Zodiac compares and contrasts some of the other villains in the Marvel Universe in Moon Knight…

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nemesis reloaded preview

Mark Millar’s nemesis makes a violent comeback– News 001

CBR can exclusively preview the first issue of Image Comics and the Millarworld sequel Nemesis from…

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Marvel Legends’ Next Build-a-Figure Is a Classic, Massive X-Men Character

Marvel Legends’ Next Build-a-Figure Is A Classic, Massive X-Men Character– News 001

Hasbro Pulse unveils a new Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure included in an upcoming wave of X-Men figures…

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The X-Men's Hellish Prison Forces Wolverine to Relive His Worst Nightmare

The X-Men’s hellish prison forces Wolverine to relive his worst nightmare– News 001

Wolverine is forced to relive his worst nightmare after becoming trapped in the X-Men’s hellish prison…

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Cassandra Cain as Robin

Awesome Batman Fan Art Imagines Cassandra Cain’s Batgirl As Robin– News 001

Cassandra Cain takes to the skies of Gotham not in her familiar Batgirl outfit, but as…

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Philadelphia's First Comic Book Shop Starts GoFundMe to Avoid Closure

Philadelphia’s premier comic book store launches GoFundMe to avoid closure– News 001

Having opened its doors in 1976, Fat Jack’s, the first and oldest comic book store in…

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Bengus' X-Men illustration for Children of the Atom

Marvel Fans Debate The Greatest X-Men Artwork Ever– News 001

X-Men fans on Twitter dropped a number of examples by everyone from Akiman to Jim Lee…

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Jace Fox as Batman

DC’s New Batman Just Learned the Truth About His Mother– News 001

Jace Fox, the Dark Knight of New York, uncovers the difficult and secret circumstances of his…

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X-Men’s Sins of Sinister event is way bigger than Age of Apocalypse– News 001

The upcoming X-Men Sins of Sinister event will be far bigger in scope than the epic…

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Robin charging, from the cover of Lazarus Planet

Damian Wayne is currently DC’s most important leader– News 001

Robin takes control of DC’s new Lazarus Planet: Alpha one-shot, telling the heroes of the DC…

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