MXmoto M16 Launch; A Powerful Electric Bike With An 8-year Guarantee And A Range Of 220 Km. MXmoto M16

MXmoto M16 Launch; A Powerful Electric Bike With An 8-year Guarantee And A Range Of 220 Km.

MXmoto M16 – In India, the demand for petrol-powered vehicles is declining while the demand for electric vehicles is fast expanding. In such a setting, numerous EV manufacturers are entering the market, and more electric motorcycles are being introduced.

Similarly, MXmoto, India’s premier EV manufacturer, has recently debuted its newest cruiser bike, the MXmoto M16, in the Indian market. This cruiser bike is pretty appealing, and its characteristics will be quite remarkable. You’ll also be pleased with the battery pack.

MXmoto M16 Launch

Let us tell you that if you purchase this Electric Cruiser Bike (MXmoto M16 Launch), you will be guaranteed to ride for 8 years or 80000 km. This includes a three-year guarantee on the electric motor and controller.

MXmoto M16 design

MXmoto claims that the cruiser bike’s sturdy metal body is sufficient to operate on every type of road condition, and that it has been developed to provide good performance on any type of road. It includes a round-shaped headlight, LED illumination, and a single-piece seat that is quite comfy.

MXmoto m16 design

The battery and electric motor compartment are located beneath the petrol tank of the M16 Bike. It says M16 in huge characters. In addition, a silver backdrop has been used to give it an engine-like appearance. The main section of this bike is totally covered, and a high backrest is provided for pillion riders.

MXmoto Managing Director Rajendra Malhotra stated, “With our new M16 model, we hope to establish ourselves as a leader in the world of performance electric bikes.”

MXmoto M16 Battery and Range

M16 Electric Bike features a 4000 watt BLDC hub motor. It generates 140NM of torque and has a high efficiency controller of 80AMP. The regenerative braking technology increases power output by 16%.

The business says that this electric bike has a range of up to 220 km. At the same time, just 1.6 units of power are used to charge the battery. Furthermore, its battery can be recharged in about 3 hours after full charging.

MXmoto M16 Features

It includes a 17-inch alloy wheel, and the business has also included an adjustable racing motorbike style central shock observer. This bike has a triple disc brake system that includes LED direction indicators. Which includes ultrasonic continuous welding technique.

MXmoto M16
M16 feature

It also includes the ability to link to a smartphone. Aside from that, cruise control, reverse assist, parking assist, anti-skid assist, in-car calling, on-board navigation, Bluetooth, and a sound system are all available.

Will run up to 220km in just Rs 8

When it comes to cost, utilising 201 to 400 units of power in Delhi costs between Rs 4 and Rs 4.5. Now, if you simply live in Delhi, the battery Charging the pack will require 1.6 units of power. Assuming a unit cost of Rs 5, the total cost would be Rs 1.6×5 = Rs 8. And with only this much, you may travel up to 220 km.

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The M16 is celebrated for its safety features, including a dynamic LED headlight, triple disc brake system, and advanced safety battery technology. The bike is equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack, which provides a range of 160-220 km on a full charge and can be recharged from 0 to 90% in three hours. The M16 also features a high-performance hub-mounted motor that generates 140 Nm of torque, a TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity, and various rider-assist features such as cruise control, park assist, reverse mode, and hill start assist

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