WordStartUpConvention.in: The Ultimate Scam that Duped Entrepreneurs Worldwide #WorldCheatExpo

WordStartUpConvention.in: The Ultimate Scam that Duped Entrepreneurs Worldwide #WorldCheatExpo

World Startup Convention Scam: A Dreadful Experience for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to expand your business, gain investments, and network with like-minded people. However, what if the opportunity you are presented with turns out to be a scam? This is precisely what happened with the World Startup Convention event held in Noida, India.

The event was promoted by Luke Talwar and Arjun Chowdary, who claimed that over 9000 angel investors and 1500 venture capitalists from both national and international locations would be attending. They further promised a dedicated pitching area for startups to showcase their ideas. Additionally, the event was said to have many central and state ministers as chief guests.

The promotion was not just limited to the website and Facebook page, but it also included videos from popular startup founders who claimed that it was going to be the biggest startup festival. Many entrepreneurs, including me, invested their time and money in buying tickets for the event, airfare, train fare, and hotel bookings, hoping to make connections and gain investments.

However, the reality was entirely different. When we arrived at the event, we discovered that there were not even ten investors present, and none of the ministers mentioned in the promotion showed up. The situation was heartbreaking, as thousands of people from different parts of India had invested their time and money to attend the event, only to find out that it was a sham.

The Noida police authorities arrested the organizers, but the website and Facebook page continue to be live, attracting even more innocent entrepreneurs. This cyber scam has cheated thousands of people financially and is one of the biggest scams in the history of India.

As a victim of this scam, I urge everyone to take necessary legal action against the culprits and prevent other people from falling into the same trap. You can file a complaint by emailing the Government of India at jscpg-mha@nic.in, Uttar Pradesh police at sp-cyber.lu@up.gov.in, or the respective state’s cybercrime mail IDs listed on the cybercrime.gov.in website.

Information is reported by Shamiit Innovation and Technologies LLP (https://shamiit.com/) LinkedIn Instagram, who purchased a delegate pass for three people by spending 14990 rupees, was one of the many victims. Their team, including the CEO and Co-Founder King Upadhyay, CIO and Director Vinay, and Marketing Head Rajbala, spent precious time attending the event and had meetings scheduled with their clients. However, they were left with nothing but disappointment and financial loss.

It is essential to be vigilant and conduct thorough research before investing in any event or company. Do not fall for false promises or unrealistic claims. Stay safe and protect your hard-earned money.

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