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In the field of Undergraduate education, the most essential function of the Institute
is to provide opportunities for training teachers for medical colleges in the country in an atmosphere of research and inquiry. The undergraduate students are
exposed to the newer methods of teaching and given opportunities to actively
participate in teaching exercises. The other important objectives of the Institute are
to bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the
training of personnel in all the important branches of health activity and to attain
self-sufficiency in undergraduate &postgraduate medical education. The
educational principles and practices being adopted are those which are best suited
to the needs of the nation.
The aims and objectives of the other AIIMS are also similar as mentioned
above for AIIMS, New Delhi.
Under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana, Several New All India Institute
of Medical Sciences have been established similar to AIIMS, New Delhi. As per
the decision of the respective competent authority B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing /Paramedical
course in following AIIMS other than AIIMS New Delhi has been started.

Important Dates for AIIMS Entrance Exam 2024: Mark Your Calendar

For students aspiring to pursue B.Sc. (H) Nursing, B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Basic), and B.Sc. (Paramedical Courses) at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), it’s imperative to keep track of the significant dates related to the entrance examination process. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key dates to remember:

Basic Registration (PAAR):

The process kicks off on 5th March 2024, providing candidates with the opportunity to initiate their applications. However, it’s essential to note that the window for basic registration closes promptly on 4th April 2024 at 5:00 PM. This initial step is crucial as it determines the eligibility of candidates for further stages.

Status Update and Correction Period:

By 4th April 2024, candidates will receive notifications regarding the acceptance or rejection of their basic registration. For those whose applications face rejection due to deficiencies, a brief window from 4th April to 6th April 2024 is provided for rectification.

Finalization of Basic Registration:

By 8th April 2024, the final status of basic registration, whether accepted or rejected, will be communicated. Candidates must pay close attention to this update to proceed accordingly.

Prospectus Upload:

The prospectus containing detailed information about the courses and the examination process will be uploaded on 12th March 2024. Aspirants are advised to review this document thoroughly for a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and procedures.

Final Registration:

For those whose basic registration is accepted, the window for final registration opens on 12th March 2024 and concludes on 12th April 2024 at 5:00 PM. During this period, candidates are required to complete their registration by paying the necessary fees and selecting their preferred examination city.

Final Status and Rejection Reasons:

On 18th April 2024, the final status of applications, along with reasons for rejection (if any), will be communicated. This serves as a crucial checkpoint for candidates to ensure all aspects of their application are in order.

Submission of Required Documents:

Candidates facing rejection have until 22nd April 2024 at 5:00 PM to submit the necessary documents for the regularization of their application. It’s emphasized that no correspondence will be entertained beyond this date, under any circumstances.

Admit Card releasing date:

The tentative dates for hosting/uploading of admit cards are 31st May 2024 for B.Sc. (H) Nursing and 14th June 2024 for B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Basic) and B.Sc. (Paramedical) courses. Admit cards serve as essential documents for appearing in the examination and must be downloaded within the specified timeframe.

Examination Dates:

The examination for B.Sc. (H) Nursing is scheduled for 8th June 2024 (Saturday), while the examination for B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Basic) and B.Sc. (Paramedical) courses will take place on 22nd June 2024 (Saturday).

In conclusion, prospective candidates must diligently mark these dates in their calendars and ensure compliance with the timelines specified by AIIMS. Adherence to these crucial dates is paramount for a seamless and successful participation in the AIIMS entrance examination process.

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